M drinking selca~

this oppa likes to take selca with his food~~♥♥

this is totally bf angle hahaha



Always .. WooDong Moment ~~~

stay in the line^^

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Rest In Peace Robin Williams, 1951-2014.
You’ll always be in our hearts.


Rest In Peace Robin Williams, 1951-2014.

You’ll always be in our hearts.



I really miss you my love <3 and I’m really sorry for the other 5 oppas :P

I think all Shinhwa fans got excited seeing andy.^^

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kids that mix their play-doh colors are the reason global warming exists


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Anonymous said: How do you stay focused on studying :(? Sometimes I'm like "Hell yeah let's learn some Korean!" and then I stop learning and put it off for like the longest time T_T (I have books just lying on my bookshelf of self studying D:)


I know this feeling well, I put off learning Korean for 6 years…  ( ✖ ︿ ✖ )

For me, the biggest motivation was thinking about how much I could have learned if I had only started studying when I first thought about learning Korean. I’ve been listening to Kpop every day since I first discovered it, and watching Korean shows almost daily… and yet, six years later I was still waiting for subtitles for shows and translations for song lyrics. 

So first I think you have to decide that learning Korean is something you really want to do. Not just “oh, it might be nice to speak Korean someday~”, but you have to make a promise to yourself that you’ll put in effort because it’s something important to you.

And you have to believe that it is something you’ll be able to accomplish - there are plenty of people willing to tell you how difficult learning Korean is (I’ve had a little rant about this before), but these people don’t speak Korean -because it’s sooooo difficult- so their opinions are invalid. 

Next of course, is motivation. I wrote quite a bit about motivation here, with plenty of links to useful information, so I’ll try not to repeat myself too much. I think it’s important to identify why you want to learn Korean, so you have a reason to work towards your goal. Do you want to be able to understand Kdramas or read Korean books without translations? Do you want to be able to visit Korea and talk to Koreans? 

Once you’ve identified your main reason for wanting to learn Korean, it can act as your major goal. I think setting goals are really important, because the ability to reach a goal you’ve set for yourself makes you more motivated to continue onto your next goal. 

However, “learn Korean” is a pretty huge goal, so you have to break it down into smaller goals that are easier to accomplish. Since you have some Korean self study books, you could choose one, and decide that working your way through the book to completion is going to be one of your goals. But even this is a medium sized goal, because it usually takes weeks or months to work through a textbook. So why not break it down further, and decide that your goal is to read one chapter of your book. 

I’ve had quite a few people ask me for advice because they feel overwhelmed, and I think it’s because of the tendency to focus on the big picture. If you’re only thinking about all the hundreds of grammar points or thousands of words you have to learn, or the number of hours you’ll have to study to get to a certain level of fluency, of course you’ll be overwhelmed!

But do you know what’s not overwhelming? The very first TTMIK audio lesson is less than 15 minutes long. And you only learn two Korean words! How easy does that sound? Pretty easy if you ask me! So the key is to break things down into the smallest goals you can, and then complete one of those easy goals. And then another. And another. Focus on completing a small, easy goal, because “every journey begins with a single step”. 

So although there might be hundreds of websites and textbooks available for you to use, you can’t use them all at once. Choose one of the Korean textbooks on your shelf, and forget about the rest (hide them if you have to). Then decide what your easy goal is going to be - a chapter? Five pages? It doesn’t matter if you start off by only reading one or two pages a day, because it’s still progress. Try to study every day, and over time slowly build up the time you spend on learning Korean. You’ll find that it isn’t difficult, but interesting and challenging, and you’ll want to spend more and more time learning!

I hope that helps, good luck! (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)

The best thing is when you’re watching a korean programme without subtitles and you can understand some of the things they are saying.




뒤늦은 생파후기사진ㅎㅎ

너무너무 즐겁고 행복한 추억을 만들어준

생일파티에 참석한 친구들과 축하메세지보내주신

모든분들께 진심으로 감사감사^^

올해도 함께해줘서 너무



late post-birthday party pictures hh

Thank you to those

who came to the party and sent birthday messages,

it was so much fun and I made great memories^^

Thank you for being with me this year as well

Thank you~~I love you~~kisses


Nope, totally didn’t notice that, Hyesung.

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IV drip fighting spirit~ although, I’m in a daze, I’m in a good mood ^^ Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday~♥ Because there’s a pre-recording for Dancing9’s first live broadcast* tonight so please pray that Red team wins~ fighting for the Blue team too!!

*There is no live broadcast for D9 till the last episode. What he means is an open recording with audience.
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\(^0^)/ no words can describe my happiness!!! \(^0^)/


\(^0^)/ no words can describe my happiness!!! \(^0^)/